MobileTechRoundup podcast 281: Microsoft Surface RT is here!

On this week’s audio podcast, we finally hear what Matt thinks of the Galaxy Note 2 that he’s been waiting for and how has. Both Kevin and Matt share impressions about Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet, which has the potential to help Windows Phone sales.

Video look at Microsoft Surface RT: Quite impressive

Along with Windows 8, Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet is here. The slate uses chips that typically power smartphones but Windows runs quite well on it and the hardware is extremely well made and — dare I say it — sexy? See for yourself in this early look.

The message of Microsoft Windows 8: “Reimagined” diversity

With a new operating system, Microsoft has a new story to tell about Windows 8. The “reimagined” interface made for touch and the diversity of hardware support, coupled with a strong ecosystem was the gist of the sale. Smartly, Microsoft didn’t compare itself to competitors directly.

Dude, Dell’s got a Windows RT tablet; the $499 XPS 10

Dell’s XPS 10 is the company’s tablet that runs Microsoft Windows RT and it starts at a reasonable $499. Add the useful keyboard dock though — which also includes additional ports and a second battery — and you’re looking at a base price of $679. Is that compelling?

Poll: Microsoft Surface RT prices: High, low or just right?

Microsoft announced its Surface RT tablet in June, leaving everyone wondering about the price. Now the details have appeared: $499 to start with more storage and a keyboard cover an additional cost. Is this what you expected or were you hoping for lower? Take our poll!

Microsoft launches Surface RT tablet for $499, cover extra

Pre-orders for Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet have begun and Microsoft is selling the device with 32 GB of storage for $499. That doesn’t include the thin keyboard cover: It’s a $100 option if bundled or $119 to add later. Is the iPad-like pricing just right?