Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro: $899 in January

The wait for details surrounding Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is over. On Thursday, the company announced some specs and the starting price of $899 which gets 64 GB of storage for the 10.6-inch tablet and also includes a digital pen. Is the price too high?

Yves Behar: Connectedness is what design does best

What ties many design parts together into a highly desired, functional product? Connectedness, ranging from user interface, user experience, product functions and self-healing, says Yves Behar. Touch is a big factor and you might be surprised by which companies Behar says are doing it right.

An oft-overlooked benefit to Windows 8 licensing: Device variety

With a new Windows release, Microsoft is playing up to one it’s key advantages that’s easy to overlook: By licensing its software, buyers can personally choose from a variety of device sizes and form factors. But to play it safe, Surface RT is all Microsoft.

Why Microsoft hasn’t made a good enough case for Surface RT

Normally, my gadget addiction compels me to buy new devices as soon as they’re available. So why didn’t I pre-order Microsoft’s Surface with Windows RT tablet? One key reason is that Microsoft hasn’t explained why I should; essentially this is a brand new mobile platform.

Windows RT slate makers: the good, the not so bad and the ugly

Microsoft announced four initial hardware partners for the first Windows RT slates. Of the four, two have some solid tablet experience while another showed promise with early smartbook designs. The last one, however, is a dark horse, as it has limited success with consumer electronics devices.

Apple keeps vise-like grip on tablet market — for now

Apple put more distance between itself and tablet competitors last quarter, moving from a 62 percent share of the market in Q2 2011, to a 68 percent share this year. But an influx of smaller and cheaper iPad alternatives is coming by the end of the year.

Banking on Windows tablets, Microsoft creates mobile add-ons

While a hot accessory alone won’t sell a mobile device, it never hurts to generate buzz and interest. Microsoft is doing just that by announcing relatively inexpensive and eye-catching new keyboards and mice for Windows 8 computers and tablets. One keyboard case doubles as a tablet stand.

Microsoft’s Ballmer to Apple: It’s on (again)

Steve Ballmer, unbowed by a negative Vanity Fair story that paints Microsoft as a company that no longer competes effectively remains … well, Ballmer. In a recent interview, Ballmer said Microsoft will take the battle to Apple again in tablets, in smartphones, in cloud.