To scale web services, devops devotees should consider economics

For most people scaling out a web service is a matter of thinking about hardware and software. But the recent Surge conference taught me that most devops folk need to look down to the physical infrastructure as well as the economic tradeoffs of building a service.

How Facebook solves the IT culture wars and scales its site

People and processes are just as important as servers when it comes to scale. A Facebook engineer explains how the social network built a culture and tools to help it keep up with its ever-expanding hardware infrastructure and software toolsets.

Scaling Pinterest and adventures in database sharding

Pinterest has learned about scaling the way most popular sites do — the architecture works until one day it doesn’t. But in a talk at the Surge Conference two Pinterest engineers shared their wars stories. Here’s what they learned about keeping it simple and database sharding.

Seen in the wild: An Apple trade show booth

Apple doesn’t often make a formal appearance at trade shows or conferences outside of its own. But it looks like getting engineers for its iCloud may have preempted that policy since the device maker has a sleek presence at the Surge Conference in Baltimore.

Here’s what happens when Heroku goes down

Delivering a cloud service isn’t easy and figuring out how to handle things when they go wrong marks a huge leap in maturity for a company as guys from Heroku and Opscode explain. So what do webscale companies do when things go wrong?