On the ground with clean power in India

Vineeth Vijayaraghavan is the founder and editor of a site focused on cleantech in India, Panchabuta, and here’s what he’s been watching, reading, and writing about this week.

10 Fuel Cell Startups Hot on Bloom Energy’s Trail

Bloom Energy, the fuel cell startup backed by close to $400 million from investors including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, has grabbed the spotlight after emerging from nearly eight years of stealth mode with a media blitz including an exclusive coming out party with CBS’s “60 Minutes” this Sunday. From all the attention, you might think Bloom invented the idea of using fuel cells for stationary power — a market that differentiates the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based startup from those tackling fuel cells to power vehicles or portable electronics, a field that includes startups alongside electronics and automotive giants including Samsung, Sharp, Toyota (s TM), Hyundai, Ford (s F), GM (s GM) and many others.
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PHOTOS: 10 Cars in Japan’s Hybrid Electric Blitz

From hybrid heavyweights Toyota (s TM) and Honda (s HMC), to Nissan (s NSANY), with its visions of electric world domination, to smaller brands like Suzuki, Subaru and Mitsubishi, Japan’s automakers are gearing up for a global hybrid and electric blitz. Some of the front runners in that move are on display at the Tokyo Motor Show, which kicked off Wednesday with a press preview, and will open up for the general public later this week.

The show is usually one of the auto industry’s largest annual events, but it has a relatively low turnout this year, with most foreign firms staying out of the fray amid tighter budgets and increased focus on faster-growing markets. The green cars, however, are out in force. Here are 10 of the coolest, craziest and even a few realistic hybrid and electric models taking the stage in Tokyo.
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WWD Interview: Raven Zachary, iPhone Adviser

In an effort to give you a slightly different perspective from what you normally get on WebWorkerDaily, we decided to talk with folks whom we feel are doing especially interesting web working jobs. We’re kicking off the first installment of this series of web worker interviews with Raven Zachary.

Raven ZacharyZachary works with investors, startups and established companies on iPhone strategy and product development. He has directed the launch of two “Top 20” iPhone applications: Obama ’08 (for Obama for America) and Nearby (for Platial). Raven is the founder of iPhoneDevCamp, a not-for-pro?t iPhone developer conference, and a contributing analyst with The 451 Group, an IT industry analyst ?rm and works closely with O’Reilly Media on iPhone and mobile technology-related events and coverage. Raven is regularly quoted by the press about the iPhone and is a frequent conference speaker on the topic. Read More about WWD Interview: Raven Zachary, iPhone Adviser

Sharing Is Caring For The Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Motor Co. of Japan, maker of many things small and wonderful, announced recently that it has begun producing a car specifically for car sharing services. Intended for use in the growing Japanese market, the car, a variant of Suzuki’s Swift, is a car-sharing-specific model that has an integrated automated system that keeps track of cars among several users.

Car-sharing companies all have some sort of on board authenticator that checks the validity of the user, tracks mileage, etc. For most companies, the technology must be retrofitted as an external device on each vehicle, but in the case of the new Swift, Suzuki has built this device into the vehicle directly. The car-sharing company just has to purchase the vehicle, and their specific car-sharing needs are ready to go.

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Paste Sticki notes on the web

Stickis, a plug-in that helps you add your own notes to web pages (similar to Medium, Trailfire, Fleck, and Diigo) launches today at noon. The idea of writing on the web is pretty cool, but Stickis’ confusing interface does not appear to be at all ready for prime-time. Still, there’s one feature that caught our interest: the option to create “anti-social tags.” When a note contains a designated tag, it is only viewable by a pre-set group. Sneaky.

Picture of the Motion LS800 in a pocket

Doctors have been saying for a while that if they could get a Tablet PC that would fit in their white coat pocket they would grab one.  Long-time mini-Tablet advocate Mickey Segal has posted a couple of pictures of the LS800 fitting in a pocket that size.  He had a special pocket made inside a sports coat to prove it would fit for doctors and business people alike.