RelateIQ: A hush, hush data-savvy startup

Data is a hot topic among the startup community, which is why stealthy startup RelateIQ has a bunch of people excited about its product and plans. The startup has some big data street cred with executives from Palantir and LinkedIn’s former data scientist DJ Patil involved.

So who got hosed when Facebook bought Lightbox?

The team behind London-based photo app developer Lightbox are joining Facebook. But it’s a long way from Instagram’s billion-dollar deal: in fact, while the company’s employees are rejoicing, users and investors appear to have been left out in the cold.

Young, Experienced Co-Founders Are Key to Success

The key to success in startups is making sure you’re young, experienced and not the only founder. That’s the takeaway from a new survey being conducted by SV Angel of successful startups that have gone on to or are projected to have big exits.

Table for Two and a Tablet, Please

Friends were skeptical when E la Carte founder Rajat Suri dropped out of MIT to become a waiter — for research. Two years, later, his startup seeks to tame the “chaotic environment” of a restaurant with features designed to streamline tasks for customers and staff.