Amazon Prime Instant Video gets exclusive rights to 24

Amazon Prime Instant Video is now the only subscription service that lets you stream Fox’s 24. The company is touting its exclusives ahead of an event this week where it’s expected to launch its streaming TV box.

Cord-shaving report causes irritation

It didn’t help the pay-TV networks’ mood that the NPD report came out in the same week that Netflix reported huge fourth-quarter and full-year subscriber growth and crushed its Q4 earnings’ forecast.

Time Warner CEO thinks Hulu users should pay for cable

Hulu should require viewers to have a cable subscription, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes suggested in an investor call following the company’s Q1 2012 earnings report this morning. “We think Hulu authenticating makes sense,” Bewkes said. “We think Hulu is heading in the right direction now.”

Time Warner’s Bewkes: Netflix actually helps us

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes has been critical of Netflix’s ability to compete with traditional TV networks. But he has softened his tone lately, talking up the additional value that subscription video-on-demand services services like Netflix and Hulu Plus can provide to the company’s financials.

Today in Connected Consumer

Keep an eye on the talks between Disney and Liberty Media’s Starz pay-TV channel about renewing their distribution deal. Starz pioneered the subscription VOD business nearly a decade ago, which has since become standard in pay-TV deals. Three years ago, it pioneered another trick: creating a Starz “channel” on Netflix that effectively gave Netflix’s streaming service access to Disney movies in the pay-TV window–much sooner than usual. With the deal up for renewal, Disney is reportedly looking to reclaim control over its digital rights and rein in Starz’s reselling of those rights. If it succeeds it will deal a blow to Netflix’s hopes of getting a better window for its streaming service.