Looks like third-party keyboards are a hit for iOS users

Did you download a new keyboard for your iPhone or iPad yesterday? If you did, you’ve got company. Swype and Flesky, which both cost $1, top the Apple App Store paid list today and SwiftKey tops the free list, with over half a million downloads on Wednesday, according to Om Malik. Even though 95 percent of users stick with default settings, according to some measures, that still leaves a lot of consumers who like customization and choice. Who would’ve guessed?

Windows Phone 8.1 may include a swipe style keyboard

Although Windows Phone already has a solid software keyboard, improvements never hurt. Windows Phone 8.1 will reportedly bring a swipe keyboard to the platform according to this video of the leaked software.

Why do physical keyboards still exist for mobile?

There are a glut of companies offering touchscreen keyboard software. While this means the typing experience on touchscreen devices is getting easier, it hasn’t stopped people from buying, or wanting to buy, mobile devices with real keyboards.

‘Smart’ keyboard startup SwiftKey raises $17.5M, aims to invest in machine learning

SwiftKey, a London-based startup that sells a popular “smart” keyboard for Android devices, has closed a $17.5 million series B led by Index Ventures. The company plans to spend the money on research to “fuel further innovation in the fields of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning,” among other things, according to a press release. That’s probably not a bad idea given Google’s vested interest keyboard dominance and focus on cutting-edge text analysis.

How the Smartest Android Keyboard Got Even Smarter

I’ve long recommended SwiftKey as a third-party keyboard for Android smartphones. The keyboard shows intelligence by predicting the next word before tapping a single letter. But the new SwiftKey X, a private beta version now open to the public, is even smarter, thanks to the cloud.

SwiftKey Android Keyboard Beta Open for All, Today Only

Android owners love their third-party keyboards, and the best I’ve found is SwiftKey, due to its personalized, self-learning word prediction feature. A new private beta version is in the works, but you can get in on the action with the right invitation code, today only.