Random House Giving Away Books to Stanza Users

Stanza is easily the most popular book app available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Recently, it expanded its library even further, adding 40,000 new titles to its library, thanks to the acquisition of a license for eReader’s eBook format. Lexcycle’s Stanza now boasts over 100,000 book and magazine titles, and that number grows daily. Some are crediting the app with helping to turn the iPhone and iPod touch into formidable eBook readers, despite the relatively small screen. Lexcycle claims 500,000 Stanza users, downloading tens of thousands of books a day.
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At SwitchAbit, Twittergram Shares a Common Future

Betaworks, a New York-based seed-stage investment/development company started by John Borthwick (a former AOL executive who recently sold photo-sharing service Fotolog to Hi Media of France for $90 million), is about to launch its first project, SwitchAbit.

The project, described by Borthwick as a content routing platform, will become a standalone company and will merge with Twittergram, a service created by Dave Winer. This is a no-cash deal. Dave will join SwitchAbit as an advisor.

“When we started working on SwitchAbit, one of the foundational services that inspired us was Twittergram, a service that technologist Dave Winer created almost a year ago,” Borthwick writes in an email. “Few individuals have been more innovative in finding ways to move data — live & static data — laterally across the web.”

So what is a SwitchAbit? Think of it as a web services switchboard that allows you to plug any type of content from one service (say Flickr) to another (say Twitter) — or even between multiple services. The dashboard is likely to be released later this summer.

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