Can Big Data in Finance Lead to New Metrics?

I met with a cool startup called DueDil, which is trying to provide a Lexis-Nexis-meets-Google service that aggregates public data on public and private companies from a variety of databases and uses that to create new financial metrics to determine success.

Dispatch from SXSW: Have Startups Become a Fetish?

SXSW has become cluttered with startups, and is a celebration of startups in general. But celebration has turned into a fetish — placing the act of creating a startup on a pedestal without casting any sort of critical eye on the likelihood of that startup succeeding.

Backupify Adds Search to Cloud Backup Service

Backupify, an online information back-up provider, is getting into the social search act by launching CloudSight, a new service that lets users search for data across their cloud-based accounts but also restore them in their original location.

10 Austin Startups to Meet at SXSW 2011

For those planning to hit South by Southwest this year, I figured I’d share a few local area startups you should make it a point to meet while you’re down in lovely Austin, Texas. I polled locals and consulted my own notes to create this list.

A Data Dystopia and a Lack of Women Haunt SXSW

Every attendee of SXSW Interactive is used to the yoga, the HTML5, the gaming, and the death of journalism panels, but for 2011, the conference has fastened onto two new trends: data as a double-edged sword and a lack of women in technology and startups.