Live from SXSW, It’s a Scheduling Bungle

I have a confession to make. I am over-reliant on apps, and scheduling is a particular pain point for me. When my apps work well, my life hums along. This week, at SXSW, I experienced a catastrophic collapse of my scheduling systems.

How to Make a Conference Pay Off

How many times have you returned from a conference only to file the materials and never look at them again? Attending the event is only half of the equation. The other half is what you do with the information after you return home.

Twitter’s @anywhere: Not a Bang But a Whimper

After weeks of speculation about what Twitter was going to launch at SXSW, the company unveiled @anywhere. But even after founder Evan Williams’ keynote, it’s not clear what the new service is exactly, apart from the fact that it provides popup windows on participating sites.

SXSW: As MOG Goes Mobile, the U.S. Waits (and Waits) for Spotify

Music service MOG unveiled its new mobile applications today, promising premium subscribers the ability to stream any song, anytime, anywhere. Its launch also represents an erosion of opportunity for Spotify, the European service that has promised (and delayed) its U.S. launch for several months.

10 More Tips For Enjoying SXSW

I am on the fence about SXSW. It is eye candy, ear candy, brain candy, and it gives me a very big headache. It is the place to be, but you can’t really be anywhere because you are constantly worried about what you are missing.