New-look database startup NuoDB gets $10M to scale up and out

NuoDB has $10 million in Series B funding led by Morgenthaler Ventures and adds database pioneer Gary Morgenthaler to its board. The company will use the funding to widen the beta of its webscale database and get it out broadly this fall.

SAP to Oracle: “I will drink your milkshake”

After years of beating around the bush, SAP declares that it is a database company and will take on the biggest kid on the block. It’s about time. It’s funding startups to build applications for Hana and Sybase. But beating Oracle won’t be easy.

So much Hadoop in so many places

Save for Hortonworks’ foray into the product space, none of today’s myriad Hadoop announcements are particularly earth-shaking, but they’re very meaningful when taken as a whole. They’re part of a larger trend in which anyone with a data-driven business has a Hadoop story to tell customers.

Reducing Data Latency Leads to Faster Decisions

Estimates say that 90 percent of all data was created in the last two years alone. That staggering figure can lead to analysis paralysis for some organizations, but those that can sift through, analyze and take action on information faster than others will enjoy competitive advantages.

Analysis: Why SAP Is Buying Sybase for $5.8B

SAP says it is buying Sybase for $5.8 billion or roughly $65 a share. The deal highlights the growing importance of the mobile Internet & how smartphones are becoming the all important remote terminals of today’s modern enterprise, in the process supplanting the PCs.