Battlestar Galactica flies again on YouTube, thanks to Machinima

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome might have ended up like many television pilots — abandoned and never again seen. SyFy opted to instead premiere the series through Machinima Prime on YouTube. It’s a great treat for Battlestar fans – and a potential precedent for future projects.

QMx brings function to the movie tie-in app

In the increasingly crowded mobile-app space, promotional apps are easily ignored: apps you might download and forget about a few days later, remembering them only to delete them later on. QMx Interactive would like to change all of that with a new sci-fi tie-in.

Why Hulu Didn’t Save Caprica

Did online viewers kill Caprica? Not exactly, says SyFy Digital’s GM Craig Engler. However, Hulu and Co. don’t bring in nearly as much money as traditional advertising, which is why Nielsen ratings still matter more than anything else when it comes to a show’s fate.

SyFy Begins Blocking Google TV used to be one of a few cable network sites that let Google TV users catch up on entire episodes of its shows – but no more: The NBC-owned network is now preventing Google TV users from accessing its content, much like, and

Felicia Day’s Red A Ratings Hit

Guild creator Felicia Day’s status as a self-made mainstream star just got a major bump this week. The SyFy original movie Red: Werewolf Hunter premiered last Saturday to an audience of 2.06 million people — a major success according to SyFy programming exec Thomas Vitale.

Steampunk Series Riese Now Live on SyFy

Happy Tuesday, steampunk fans! As promised earlier this month, episode 1 of the independent web series Riese relaunched today on, just one step in the process towards a potential television adaptation. Re-edited in collaboration with SyFy, the new version is narrated by Amanda Tapping.