Bringing data loss prevention to the little guy

Companies of all sizes worry about theft of key information but until recently, the use of data loss prevention technology was too rich for their blood. The adoption of cloud technologies to enable DLP managed services like Verdasys is changing that.

Super troll sues Netflix, Yelp, dozens more over Autocomplete

This one’s a doozy even by patent troll standards. A shell company that is already suing Apple and Nokia over a common autocomplete feature is now branching out to file dozens of patent claims against online video firms and retailers.

Panorama9 attacks big IT headaches of small companies

Just because a company is not a huge enterprise, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have big IT management headaches. That’s the problem SaaS startup Panorama9 seeks to solve with its eponymous Web dashboard launching in the U.S. now.

Panorama9 sets up shop (sort of) in Bay Area

Allan Thorvaldsen, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded and sold his third startup, Softscan, to Symantec in 2009, is bringing his latest venture from Denmark to San Francisco. At least parts of it. His engineering team will remain in Europe.

Which is more secure, iOS or Android?

As mobile devices become more popular, it’s putting more importance on the need for security. That’s why Symantec recently analyzed Apple’s iOS and Google Android, comparing the two operating systems to each other and to desktop platforms in terms of vulnerability to security threats.

Why a Sudden Surge in Tech M&A? Startups Pay Attention

Silicon Valley companies are on a shopping spree and if you’re a startup, that is really good news. Today alone blogs were filled with news of five deals that together were worth over $1.4 billion. What’s going on and why it is good news for startups?