Nokia unveils new Windows Phone, but keeps Symbian afloat

Nokia kicked off its Mobile World Congress festivities with new Lumia Windows Phone devices, but also made sure to highlight new Symbian devices that appeal to lower-cost smartphone markets. China is now also in the company’s short-term plans.

As others focus on Android, Nokia ships most Windows Phones

It is too early to call success or failure on Nokia’s strategy to build Windows Phone devices, but the handset maker is already shipping more Microsoft smartphones than its rivals. While shipments don’t equate to actual sales, Nokia might catch its peers too focused on Android.

Nokia delivers solid Belle update early (and late)

Nokia released the Belle software upgrade for its recent Symbian phones on Tuesday, bringing additional home screens, much improved notifications and other features. The rollout is a day ahead of schedule, showing that Nokia is starting to make good on promises to deliver on time.

Why Windows Phone is making waves at CES

Microsoft may have finally accomplished something it has failed to do at the last six Consumer Electronics Show events I’ve attended: It has people talking about its phones. Even with few product launches announced at CES, there’s good reason for the Windows Phone buzz.

Symbian is alive and kicking, for now

While Symbian seems to be Nokia’s unloved child and is fading in terms of worldwide shipments, it isn’t ready to be completely written off yet. The platform is still the leader in mobile web browsing according to StatCounter, which tracks web usage.

Vid-Biz: Soulja Boy, Outrigger, Visible Gains

Soulja Boy Arrested; YouTube-driven star was apparently shooting a music video in a vacant house. (Associated Press)

Warner Music Group Outsources Ad Sales; the label using Veoh spin-off Outrigger Media to monetize online video. (AdAge)

PermissionTV Renames Itself Visible Gains; company drops out of competition with Brightcove and thePlatform to focus on B2B marketing. (Contentinople)

Netflix Subscribers Go for Value; today’s most popular plans are the lowest-priced ones (which include unlimited streaming); CEO says traditional DVDs will be king for only two more years. (Video Business)

Microsoft Gives Smooth Streaming to Everyone; IIS Media Services 3.0 released today, same as what’s already been used for Sunday Night Football and Wimbledon. (Silverlight blog)

YouTube Close to Signing Channel 4; British broadcaster would give the site full episodes and sell its own ads. (Telegraph) In other premium content news, the site got (U.S. only) access to Taxi Driver yesterday via its relationship with Sony’s Crackle. (YouTube blog)

Wi-Fi, a Big Hit on Mobile Phones

Given the spotty nature of AT&T’s 3G Network I have often found myself switching on my Apple (s AAPL) iPhone’s WiFi connection, signing up to one of the hot-spots (using Devicescape’s Easy Wi-Fi iPhone Client) to send emails, surf the web and of course make cheap phone calls using the Truphone client. Apparently, I am not the only one — people love WiFi-based Internet access on their phones, according to a recent report by San Mateo, Calif.-based mobile advertising company, Admob.

They say that in November, about 8 percent of total requests were coming from WiFi networks, versus 3 percent in August. No surprise, 42 percent of iPhone requests are made from WiFi, notably higher than most other WiFi capable phones which average between 10-20 percent. I think that is because AT&T’s (s T) 3G service has the unpredictability of Lindsay Lohan’s mood that we instead opt for WiFi. It is good that AT&T splurged on Wayport, a WiFi service provider and saved us a whole lot of waiting. In UK, Nokia’s N Series are pretty popular behind iPhone and iPod Touch, the Nokia N95 and other N series phones are the leading WiFi devices.

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