Opera’s app store will replace Nokia Store on feature phones

Microsoft’s purge of Nokia branding and services continues: Opera announced Tuesday that its Mobile Store will replace the Nokia Store on Nokia feature phones, as well as devices running Symbian, and Nokia X devices that run Android. The change will take place during “the first half of 2015.” It’s not Nokia that signed this deal — it’s Microsoft, which has to support those odd devices it got as part of buying Nokia’s mobile business. The move comes a week after Opera signed a deal with Microsoft to become the default browser on legacy Nokia devices, and on the same day that Nokia announced it was working on an Android tablet for China.

Nokia paid extortionists millions of euros 6 years ago, according to Finnish reports

Extortionists reportedly got several million euros out of Nokia around 2007-2008, according to a report from Finnish TV station MTV. Reuters has also got confirmation from Finnish police that a blackmail investigation is ongoing. It seems the criminals had acquired encryption code for parts of Nokia’s Symbian operating system, which was the global smartphone market leader at the time. They were threatening to release this code, potentially allowing others to insert malware into Symbian phones. Nokia reportedly left money in a parking lot, and the criminals made away with it while also evading police capture.

Apple’s China challenge: Cheap Androids own 90.1% of market

China may be Apple’s next frontier for smartphone growth, but the company has some catching up to do. Android handsets that cost one-third of the iPhone have taken the market by storm: Android now accounts for 90.1 percent of the smartphone market in China.

Nokia’s Lumia sales shrink; on to the next model again

Nokia sold a quarter fewer of its flagship smartphones last quarter, as retailers and carriers shied away from Lumia’s current generation, leaving Nokia with €120 million in spare parts. Shifting to new Lumias with the Windows Phone 8 software has hurt any momentum Nokia had.

Amid slowing phone sales, Android makes gains

Overall handset sales slumped last quarter as consumers face economic challenges or are waiting for newer phone models. But Android keeps outpacing iOS devices while handsets from Research In Motion and Nokia continue to drop, although Windows Phone is showing signs of sales life.

How do you solve a problem like Nokia?

With billions in losses coming each quarter, it feels as if Nokia’s living on borrowed time. While many people expect Microsoft to step in and purchase the struggling Finnish handset giant, that may be unlikely. So here are five ways it might turn things around.

Saavn, India’s Spotify, dances to a different tune

Saavn has been hailed as India’s Spotify. But with much of its customer base being in India and much of its catalog being Bollywood fare, things work a little different for the company. One example: Saavn has high hopes for its Blackberry and Symbian apps.

Nokia delivers solid Belle update early (and late)

Nokia released the Belle software upgrade for its recent Symbian phones on Tuesday, bringing additional home screens, much improved notifications and other features. The rollout is a day ahead of schedule, showing that Nokia is starting to make good on promises to deliver on time.

Why Windows Phone is making waves at CES

Microsoft may have finally accomplished something it has failed to do at the last six Consumer Electronics Show events I’ve attended: It has people talking about its phones. Even with few product launches announced at CES, there’s good reason for the Windows Phone buzz.