My 6 mobile productivity strategies for 2012

The last four years have shown remarkable growth in smartphone ownership, changing the mobile landscape as the phone becomes central to our lives. This year I’ll be looking for cross-platform apps, centralized notification services and solutions that intelligently handle more mundane tasks around my smart home.

Uh oh. Nokia Windows Phone sales estimates slashed.

Nokia’s sales of Windows Phone handsets aren’t impressing at least one analyst, who has drastically cut quarterly estimates from 2 million to 500,000 sales. With the two-horse race between Google Android and Apple iOS, it’s tough for Nokia to gain traction, even with outstanding hardware.

Android accounts for more than half of smartphone sales

One in every two smartphones sold in the world is an Android device, according to Gartner, which said that Google’s mobile platform has doubled its share in the past year and surged to a 52.5 percent smartphone market share worldwide in the third quarter.

Does the world need another mobile OS?

The race in mobile has defaulted to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from thinking about open-sourcing Bada, or Microsoft from pushing ahead with Windows Phone 7 and a partnership with Nokia. But do we need another mobile OS?

Samsung stands to lose, not gain, by open-sourcing bada

There’s talk today of Samsung open-sourcing its Bada smartphone platform next year, but the company has little to gain and much to lose if it does. Why give up control of the one asset Samsung has that no successful handset maker outside of Apple enjoys?