Move over Knight Rider: Nuance debuts a Siri for cars

Nuance wants you to converse with your car via the cloud. The speech recognition company already powers many of the voice technologies embedded into today’s automobiles, but today it unveiled Dragon Drive, which moves beyond simple voice commands into the realm of natural language understanding.

Spanning Tools review: Cure your cloud syncing woes

Whether you use iCloud, MobileMe or Google to sync your contacts and calendars — no matter how careful you are — glitches occur. Fortunately, Spanning Tools helps clean up your contacts and calendars, making sure your syncs go as planned and correcting errors after the fact.

iPhone accessory review: Ford Fiesta and Microsoft SYNC

After I wrote my recent article about Bluetooth integration with car audio, Ford contacted me about the Microsoft SYNC system. I took it for a test drive (literally). A new Ford may just be about the best (and probably most expensive) iPhone accessory out there.

It’s official: What stays and what goes from MobileMe to iCloud

In case you were an existing MobileMe subscriber wondering what services will and won’t make it through the transition to iCloud, Apple has posted an official FAQ detailing exactly what will make the cut, and addressing what will happen to iWeb and other services that don’t.

As MobileMe closes, Google rescues new iOS users

Although Apple discontinued new signups for MobileMe on Monday, iCloud syncing won’t be available until the fall, and most likely will only be available for those running iOS 5 and Lion. What’s an Apple fan to do in the meantime? Go to a competitor.

Why Dropbox’s 25 Million Users Are Just the Start

Dropbox, the cloud file-sharing and back-up tool, is on a tear with 25 million users using the system and 200 million files saved each day, according to new data from the company. Next up, it sees more integration with apps, services, TVs, cars and cameras.

icloud Adds Mobile Access

icloud, a “web operating system” with a growing selection of apps that can be included in a customizable virtual workspace, is now offering mobile apps for iOS and Android that include access to files, document viewing, and uploading of photos, along with an updated mobile website.

Ford’s AppLink Syncs Smartphone Apps and Developer Profits

Nearly a year after introducing it, Ford launched AppLink, software that links a smartphone with an automobile. Drivers can control smartphone apps through the SYNC voice command system, which could mean a value-add proposition to developers that use Ford’s APIs in their mobile applications.

Getting Mac and Android to Play Nicely

I recently switched from my iPhone to an Android device. I was happy with it, but syncing Mac and phone provided some obstacles. So I set out to find a way to replicate the iOS/Mac sync experience for media, contacts and calendars.

Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac Now Available

It took BlackBerry a long, long time to release a proper media sync app for Mac. It took less than a month for Microsoft to release Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac, which allows you to sync media from iTunes to your Windows Phone 7 device.