How to set up iCloud on your iPhone or iPad

Setting up iCloud on your iOS 5 device is actually pretty easy, especially because Apple gives you the option to either use your existing Apple ID or set up an entirely new account to get the process started. Here’s how it works, from beginning to end.

iCloud arrives Oct. 12, includes Find My Friends

The arrival of Apple’s iCloud service has now been dated along with iOS 5. We’ll get our hands on iCloud for Mac and iOS beginning Oct. 12, and it should make everyone’s mobile lives a lot simpler. Here’s a quick look at exactly what it offers.

Apps that supercharge cross-platform text editing

There are an increasing number of apps that not only support both the iPhone and iPad, but also have an OS X version available. Here’s how three devs behind WriteRoom, TextExpander and DropBox have teamed up to make cross-platform writing as painless as possible.

How developers will be able to leverage iCloud for smarter apps

Steve Jobs said at the WWDC keynote this week that “the truth is in the cloud.” He wasn’t just being hyperbolic when he said this, though. It’s actually a clever reference to how iCloud will work behind the scenes, and how it will make apps better.

How To Upgrade Your MobileMe Calendar Safely

Since my business runs on iCal, I approached the CalDAV upgrade for MobileMe Calendar users (which becomes mandatory May 5) with reluctance and some healthy fear. Here are my recommendations and a walkthrough of the process that should hopefully make the task less daunting for you.

BusyToDo Review: MobileMe Syncing at Last

BusyToDo, a new to-do app for iPhone, aims to bring the most obvious omission from MobileMe to subcribers of the cloud services package from Apple. It does this without much flair, and it has a fairly high asking price. So is it worth it?

Xmarks Shutting Down Soon: Here’s an Alternative

Bookmark syncing service Xmarks is shutting down for good on Jan. 10, 2011, meaning that all syncs will cease, and all backups will be lost. At least the early notice means we have time to look for alternatives, which for Safari users won’t be that easy.

Wi-Fi iPhone Syncing App Submitted to Apple

Apple recently unveiled iPhone OS 4, which brought many much needed features to the platform. Despite rectifying some long-standing oversights, however, Apple still hasn’t allowed their iDevices to sync wirelessly with people’s home computers.

Syncing Does not a Backup Make

Whether you are using MobileMe, Dropbox, or any one of the variety of other syncing programs, you may be one of the increasing number of people using these services to backup their data. The problem, though, is that syncing is not backing up.

Bye Bye USB Syncing: Is the iPad Bad for iPhone OS?

Users of Lexcycle’s terrific iPhone e-reader app Stanza (which was acquired by Amazon (s amzn) last year) are expressing their disappointment over a recent update that removes the ability to sync and share your book library over USB from the program. When pressed as to why exactly the feature had been removed, Lexcycle responded that it was at the request of Apple (s aapl).

Before I say anything else, it’s my duty to report that Apple is indeed acting within the scope of the agreement it has with developers in requesting the removal of this feature from apps. As of now, USB syncing is still a private API, which means developers shouldn’t technically be using it. To get around this, many have implemented the feature using the iPhone’s Digital Camera Image Management folder, but that also requires the use of private APIs. Read More about Bye Bye USB Syncing: Is the iPad Bad for iPhone OS?