Why Broadcom wants to be the smarts in your next smartphone

Broadcom is generally known for its wireless technology prowess, but don’t be surprised to see the company be the chip that puts the smarts in your smartphone or tablet. It signed a licensing agreement with ARM to design and build powerful application processors on Tuesday.

3 startups that showcase the future of chips

If we’re going to create an Internet of things that connects back to a cloud powered by millions of servers, the chip world will have to change to reduce power consumption, shrink in size and embrace new architectures. Here are three startups that showcase these shifts.

Analyst says Intel lags behind Apple in mobile chips

Apple has a serious advantage over an unusual competitor in a market with lots of future potential, according to Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gus Richard in a research note published this week. Richard says that Apple’s know-how and direction in mobile chips trumps that of Intel’s.

Smart Meter System On a Chip: The Pros and Cons

Smart meters, smart thermostats, smart appliances and other smart grid devices have lots and lots of chips in them. Putting all those functions together in one system-on-a-chip can save lots of money and time spent on integration — if they give device makers the right combo.