How T-Mobile’s roaming data caps would affect you

T-Mobile may soon begin restricting roaming data usage to cut down on the amount of packets its customers consume off the carrier’s networks. If true, the new caps could affect many of T-Mobile’s customers, though the size of the impact on each customer may be small.

Proposed: German cloud fortress for security-conscious shops

A bold proposal from Reinhard Clemens, CEO of Deutsche Telekom’s T-systems group. He would like certifications to enable the creation of super-secure clouds in Germany to slake pent-up demand among customers that don’t want to expose their data to U.S. government, Patriot Act scrutiny.

How carriers can innovate in the superphone era

Carriers are struggling to address the gap between mobile data usage and revenues even as their networks approach capacity. But those willing to embrace new business models and innovative services still have a chance to thrive in the era of the superphone.

On T-Mobile, All Wi-Fi Calls Are Free

If you are a T-Mobile subscriber and use one of the mobile phones that support UMA, now all your calls made over the Wi-Fi are free. Earlier, all WiFi-based calls counted towards your minute plan. This is a great move for T-Mobile, which is bleeding customers.