What T-Mobile Could Do if the AT&T Acquisition Fails

T-Mobile’s latest quarterly earnings aren’t pretty, and there’s a chance its acquisition by AT&T won’t survive the federal scrutiny that begins this week with congressional hearings. So what should the nation’s fourth-largest carrier do if the deal is scuttled? Here are a few ideas.

Why Carriers Still Matter — for Better or Worse

Carriers no longer dominate the mobile world thanks to the emergence of Apple, Google and the rise of third-party app stores. But they can retain — or even increase — their relevance by leveraging a few important things.

Twitter, Facebook & The Coming Global 3G Boom

This weekend Verizon Wireless, one of world’s largest carriers will turn on its next generation wireless broadband network. That is fun, but one has to remember that only 14% of global mobile subscribers use 3G. As more sign-on, their impact on the web will be huge.

U.S. Mobile Data Traffic to Top 1 Exabyte

The U.S. wireless data market grew 25 percent in the third quarter of 2010 versus the third quarter of 2009. The market gained 7 percent over the second quarter of 2010 to hit about $14 billion. Data will bring in over $54B in revenues for 2010.

T-Mobile USA CTO Disses AT&T, LTE and WiMAX

T-Mobile USA is betting its HSPA+ network will prove beefier than its WiMAX and LTE rivals. In a chat with me, CTO Neville Ray says he U.S. consumers will be disappointed by the LTE roll out, mostly because Verizon and AT&T don’t have enough spectrum.

T-Mobile USA’s CTO: Nokia, BlackBerry Need to Step Up

The fast growing sales of Android-based smartphones and Apple’s iPhone means that the onus is on Nokia and Research In Motion (s RIMM) to come up with compelling and competing products says Neville Ray, chief technology officer of T-Mobile USA.

Q3 in Mobile: Android, the iPad and the March Toward 4G

The third quarter saw the continuation of important trends in mobile, from the astounding growth of Android to soaring sales of Apple’s iPad. Perhaps the biggest trend, though, is the march towards 4G, which will have a tremendous impact on the industry in the coming months.

UMA Comes To T-Mobile Androids… Almost!

T-Mobile USA says it will be launching UMA-based Wi-Fi calling on a select few Android handsets in coming days. Unlike in the past, Andorid phones will use an App for Wi-Fi calling. T-Mobile’s myTouch and new Motorola’s DEFY are likely to support UMA-based calling features.

T-Mobile Won’t Tax Twitter Texts But Will Hike Prices

T-Mobile USA said its new pricing for business-to-consumer text messages won’t affect companies like Facebook and Twitter, which have direct relationships with the carrier. For countless others who use messaging aggregators, though, the pricing change will go ahead as planned.

ChaCha to Drop T-Mobile in Response to “Twitter Tax”

ChaCha said it will stop delivering text messages to T-Mobile USA customers if the carrier moves ahead with a plan to charge businesses for texts. ChaCha probably won’t be the last company to take such a drastic step in response to the proposed toll.