AT&T doubles down on Bloom Energy fuel cells

AT&T is now Bloom Energy’s largest corporate customer and has doubled its previously announced fuel cell deal. The news is the latest win for Bloom Energy as it continues to brings in tech customers that want to power facilities and data centers.

AT&T developing a home energy service

AT&T is in the process of developing a home energy management service, which it plans to market to its wireless and wireline customers, according to AT&T Executive Director of Public Policy Jeffery Dygert.

Prevent the data tsunami from swamping cell networks

Nokia Siemens Network and AT&T offered new data points today on how mobile broadband demand may swamp networks, but each also offered solutions outside of throttling and raising prices. With some technical savvy and Wi-Fi, maybe the mobile future isn’t so impossible.

Google Goggles Now on the iPhone

It’s not all war and competition between tech giants Google and Apple. Sometimes the companies can come together, and the winner each time that happens is invariably the consumer. Today Google brings Google Goggles to the iPhone. Try saying that five times fast.

FollowUp: A Lightweight Email Reminder Service

Do you sometimes forget to follow up on important emails, or struggle with adding follow up reminders to your calendar? FollowUp is a useful, free and easy-to-use service that you can use to automatically send yourself a reminder to follow up.

TechUniversity: Conditional Formatting with Numbers

Conditional formatting in Numbers lets you format the contents of a cell based on certain rules. So say you want to show all negative numbers as red and bold…conditional formatting lets us do that! We’ll cover how to apply conditional formatting to numbers, text and dates.

Hulu, OK Go & Auto-Tune the News Score Webby Awards

Okay, we admit it: We’re a little sad today that GigaOM didn’t win a Webby, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from checking out the long list of web video sites and ventures that did.

In fact, web video was one of the big winners of this year’s Webbys, with Hulu winning both the Webby and the People’s Voice Award in the Broadband category, and OK Go receiving the Film & Video Artist of the Year Special Achievement Award. Read on for a complete list of web-video related winners.

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Are Harbinger’s LTE Network Plans a Red Herring?

A New York-based private equity firm’s plans to build out an open nationwide 4G wireless network may simply be a facade aimed at pumping up the value of the spectrum it indirectly owns, according to several satellite industry analysts. Will the network ever come to fruition?