Hey SXSW, where are the mobile payments?

I’ve seen a lot of things at South by Southwest, but no mobile payments. I haven’t seen a single person pay for something using their phone, nor a merchant who accepts it. No one is even talking about it. But there are plenty of demos.

PayPal debuts in bars, restaurants with Tabbedout integration

PayPal is making its debut in restaurants and bars with a new partnership with Tabbedout, which lets people pay their tabs using an app. Tabbedout users will able to add PayPal as a payment option alongside existing options for credit and debit cards.

Tabbedout Finalizes $5.7M Round for Restaurant Bill Pay

Tabbedout, an innovative Austin, Texas start-up that is tackling the problem of closing out bills at restaurants and bars, said it has completed its Series A round with an additional $3.7 million, raising the total to $5.75 million for the round

Settle Your Tab With Your Phone? NEA Will Drink to That

ATX Innovation, which makes TabbedOut, an app that enables bar and restaurant patrons settle their tabs from their iPhone or Android handsets, has raised $2.05 million in funding from NEA, for a total of $2.8 million raised.

Pay for Drinks at SXSW Using Your iPhone

Now here’s a killer app for the throngs of geeks about to descend on Austin: TabbedOut. The iPhone application allows users to pay for their tabs at local bars. It sounds like the perfect fix for those full-to-the-gills parties SXSW is known for.