Tableau CEO says the company’s biggest challenge now is talent

In an interview with Gigaom on Thursday, Tableau Software CEO Christian Chabot spoke about the company’s $100 million third quarter and the challenges it faces as it continues to grow. He doesn’t suspect’s new analytics service will be one of them.

Tableau hits the $100M revenue mark in third quarter

Tableau continues to grow at a fast pace, hitting the $100 million mark for the first time in the third quarter. Although there are plenty of startups willing to point out its weaknesses, Tableau has lots of room to grow and the money to do it.

With Project Elastic, Tableau is targeting consumers and tablets

Tableau Software is taking the wraps off a new project called Elastic, which will bring the company’s style of simplified data analysis to tablet users. The goal is to let small businesses and individuals enjoy analyzing their data, without the pain of mastering desktop tools.

It looks like Tableau for Mac is coming soon

Tableau Software (s data) has been on fire over the past couple years, but a big knock against the company has been that its popular analytics software isn’t available for the Mac operating system. The company has been promising a native Mac edition for a while, and it appears it will finally deliver in a few weeks, if a June 19 event called “Tableau 8.2 Roadshow + Mac Launch Party” is any indication. I suspect a lot of Windows virtual machines will be firing up a lot less frequently and a goodly amount of new users signing up.

Thanks to consumerization, it’s IPO season in analytics

At some inderminate time, very possibly this year, business intelligence favorite Tableau Software will file for its initial public offering. When it does, it will be in good company, along with others that were smart enough to ride the twin waves of consumerization and big data.