Interactive ebooks take on fiction novels

New transmedia publishing company Chafie Creative Group is trying to breathe life into fiction novels with a new iPad app called Immersedition, which will showcase the written word and storytelling while enhancing it with an array of interactive elements like maps, character profiles and videos.

Today in Connected Consumer

The Kindle Fire is now burning. Amazon seems to have taken a lesson from HP and priced its new seven-inch touchscreen tablet at $199, which is less than half the price or the cheapest iPad. That could make the Kindle Fire the strongest competitor to date (not exactly a high bar) for the Apple tablet. Also of note, the Fire is very cloudy. Not only will all content on the device be backed up on Amazon Cloud (storage will be free) but much of the processing will apparently happen on Amazon Cloud servers as well. That has the potential eventually to enable very rich media applications without their taxing the limited processing power available on the device, surpassing what’s possible on the iPad despite its more powerful processor.