Mobile virtualization: Another nail in the PC coffin

There’s a trend building, and it’s not good for the PC industry. It’s not tablet and smartphone growth — although that’s part of the trend — but virtualization on mobile devices. This allows remote PC access from a tablet, for example, and could hurt already slowing PC sales.

4 reasons Apple should make a 7-inch iPad

News of a rumored smaller iPad made the rounds on Friday as Asian supply channels indicate a 7.85-inch model will arrive in late 2012. With iPhone sales rising, there’s less of a need for the iPod touch line, paving the way for less expensive Apple tablets.

Report: Tablet market to belong to iOS, Android through 2017

Thanks to content and applications, iOS and Android will remain at the top of the tablet heap until at least 2017, a new report claimed Monday. Trends indicate that iOS and Android tablet devices will make up 90 percent of the market six years from now.

One tablet for Windows and Android? It exists (but you may not want it)

Viewsonic launched its ViewPad 10pro tablet, a unique slate supporting both Google Android and Microsoft Windows 7. Android apps run in a unique virtualization mode, so there’s no need to shut down Windows to use mobile apps. But at this price, the display resolution is lacking.

Video: HP EliteBook 2740p Convertible Touch Notebook

The HP EliteBook 2740p notebook is the third generation of the Tablet originally released as the 2710p. This tablet adds advanced processor options and touch input to a thin convertible form with a swivel screen. In this video tour you get a walk around the notebook.

Spreadsheet Data Entry — iPad 1, Tablet PC Zip

I worked for many years as a consultant, and spent more frustrating time in Excel spreadsheets on a Tablet PC than I care to remember. With Numbers it looks like Apple has beaten Microsoft at its own game, and on the first try with the iPad.

HP Touches the 2740p Tablet PC

The HP 2730p is one of the best Tablet PCs ever produced, and the new 2740p retains the strengths of the older version while adding a touch screen option. The convertible notebook is highly configurable, including new Core i5 and Core i7 processor options.

What’s Missing in the $699 Viliv S10 Blade?

At CES, Viliv showed off its convertible multitouch netbook but held off on pricing and availability. U.S. pre-ordering is coming soon but what do you get for $699? More importantly, what’s missing in this configuration — at least two major functions you should know about.

Tablet PC Team Blog Shuts Down

When Microsoft rolled the Tablet PC bits into Windows Vista it was clear the end of the Tablet PC as a unique product line was near. The end is here as the Microsoft Tablet PC Team blog has closed the doors. RIP.

Today in Connected Consumer

No one has yet proved that tablets can be a successful mass-market product, but that isn’t stopping the rush to try now that Apple has introduced the iPad. Yesterday, Amazon acquired New York startup Touchco, makers of multitouch displays, touching off speculation that the Kindle maker will soon introduce a touchscreen e-reader to compete with Apple’s tablet. This morning, Sony all but announced that a tablet is in the works, telling analysts, it is “very interested” in the market. And, in an extraordinary op-ed in the New York Times, a former Microsoft VP says Microsoft could have owned the tablet market by now if only it didn’t suck so much.