Analysis of a Rumor: Large Format iPod Touch

As you may or may not be aware, TechCrunch reported yesterday that a larger format, 7 to 9-inch iPod touch was in the works at Apple and would arrive by next fall. They claim to have received the information from three seperate, independent sources, one of which is said to have actually handled a prototype of the device.

TC’s sources say that Apple has been working on a large format device internally for a while now, but that they were not sure how the public would receive such a device, and whether there would be sufficient demand to justify production. The success of the App Store is said to be the tipping point that finally pushed them to pursue it seriously.

This rumor has quickly been taken up by many, if not all, of the major Apple blogs on the web. And for good reason. Looked at in context, it actually has a lot going for it.
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Autodesk Serving Up Sketchbook Express With Axiotron Apple Tablet

It’s likely you’ve heard mention of the Axiotron Modbook, the third party (and only) Apple tablet computing solution, but I like talking about it anyway. Axiotron, a small company operating out of El Segundo, California, won high acclaim for their Modbook, taking best in show at 2007’s Macworld convention.

The Modbook is a converted Macbook, equipped with a Wacom-penabled touchscreen display. It’s a drool-worthy piece of tech, especially for graphic designers who do a lot of field work. And now you can drool even more, because the Modbook now comes complete with Sketchbook Express 2009, an exclusive version of Autodesk’s graphics software.
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Finally Truphone for Blackberry Is Ready

Truphone, the service that allows you to make cheap long distance phone calls using VoIP technology on a mobile phone, is now available to users of BlackBerry devices as a beta offering. This product is called Truphone Anywhere for Blackberry.
London-based Truphone’s service, which typically uses Wi-Fi connections for VoIP calls, has so far been available on the Symbian OS-based Nokia devices and Apple’s iPhone. The service doesn’t support Windows Mobile for now.
I downloaded early versions of the software on two WiFi-enabled BlackBerry devices — the 8801 and T-Mobile Curve — and it worked fine on both the devices. It was fairly easy to download the Truphone software using Blackberry’s built-in browser, and I installed it without many problems. Upon installation, it asked me if my device had Wi-Fi or not. (In case of non WiFi-enabled devices, Truphone behaves like any other callback service. )
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The “Brick”: Game Changer or Niche Product Without a Market?

The internets are currently abuzz with rumors of a new, genre-bending product due out of Cupertino, possibly at the speculated October Mac event.

Though most agree it likely isn’t a building material to be used with mortar in the construction of buildings, there are a number of different theories about what the “Brick” in fact could be.

iPhone Savior cites the ever-informative “sources” in suggesting the the “Brick” may in fact be the long-awaited Mac Mini redesign.  They admit their source is unreliable, and that the supposed near-pro performance upgrades attached to the rumor seem far-fetched at best.  While it is true that the Mac Mini has been nearing obsolescence for quite a while now, a mere spec bump does not seem grounds enough for Apple to use the speculation-inspiring term “product transition.”
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What Apple’s Rumored Tablet Should Look Like

These photos are taken from the TED blog. Yves Behar, the designer for the XO Laptop discusses what V 2.0 will look like. The new XO laptop, set to arrive in 2010, looks like two giant iPhones glued side-by-side. An all-touchscreen interface, with accelerometers to orient the screen to the correct perspective, and Pong make this look like a must-have, not to mention a way better design than the current XO laptop.

I suggest Apple rip this design out from under them and throw some sweet OS X goodness on there.

Behar says this second version of the XOXO “is a book, a tablet, a board…and yes, a laptop too if that is what you need. The design is still green and white, but thin, simple, and un-interrupted by keyboards, buttons, speaker holes, input devices and visible connectors. And it is soft to the touch, like a piece of luggage, everyday luggage you can take anywhere.”

[Via TEDBlog]