TV by the Numbers: More Olympics Platforms Mean More Viewing

Written by Robert Seidman.

It’s not often that the peacocks at NBC have much to puff their feathers out about. Other than The Today Show and The Tonight Show, NBC has consistently been the fourth-place network (behind FOX, CBS and ABC) when it comes to primetime programming. But the summer has been good to NBC. It has the season’s biggest hit with America’s Got Talent, as well as the Beijing Olympics, the rights for which it paid a reported $894 million. Given the fabulous ratings for the Olympics so far, not to mention the advertising revenue, which is expected to top $1 billion, it’s a good time to be at NBC.

The network, much to my delight, has also just rolled out the TAMi (Total Audience Measurement Index), which seeks to measure viewing across all of the available platforms – television (broadcast, cable, DVR and on-demand), online, and mobile. The free flow of data is good, and while NBC clearly isn’t looking to use TAMi as a way to sell advertising, it is looking to use it as a way to maximize television, video-on-demand, mobile and online viewing. It is a test-and-learn platform for NBC, for which I think the network should be applauded.

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