VictorOps raises $1.58M to helps ops teams get web sites back online

Todd Vernon, the CEO and founder of both Lijit and Raindance Communications, is back with a startup aimed at helping the people responsible for keeping web-based services functioning. The startup, VictorOps raised $1.58 million in seed funding and is seeking alpha testers.

Forget video chat: The front camera on my smartphone is a mirror

The growing number of handsets that have front-facing cameras may mean that another common device becomes less necessary — the mirror that many women carry around in their purses. After all, why pull out a compact when your smartphone can show you exactly what you look like.

With 45M total users, Tango raises another $40M

Video chat startup Tango has raised another big round of funding, bringing in $40 million in Series C financing led by Qualcomm Ventures and Access Industries. That comes on the heels of impressive growth, with more than 45 million users signed up in just 18 months.

Poll: Which mobile video chat service do you use?

Many mainstream consumers were introduced to mobile video chat via Apple’s FaceTime service, but video calling from phones has been around for a while and works on regular cellular networks. Now that we have a number of mobile video chat services, which are you using?

iPhone 4S drives record registrations of Tango app

Tango is used to seeing a bump in registrations whenever a new smartphone is released. But last week’s launch of the iPhone 4S gave it an even bigger lift than usual, with record registration numbers that were up 35 percent higher than usual.