The future of content consumption, through the eyes of Yahoo Labs

Yahoo has been rebuilding its research focus, and now a 250-person strong Yahoo Labs is trying to build the future of content. Full of experts in everything from personalization to deep learning, the group wants to make finding and consuming content as easy as possible.

Boostable is putting machine learning to work for marketplace sellers

A startup called Boostable is helping individual sellers in large marketplaces like Etsy and Airbnb target potential customers on sites such as Facebook. It’s yet another company trying to package up some advanced algorithms for users with little or no IT budget.

Applying data science to marketing gets People Pattern $4.5M

People Pattern, an Austin, Texas-based startup focused on targeted marketing, has raised a $4.5 million series A round of venture capital from Mohr Davidow and a collection of private investors. It’s hardly the first company to think about applying new big data and data science techniques in the name of better understanding customers — that’s arguably the most popular use for these techniques — but People Pattern’s approach is noteworthy. It lets users mine both their internal data stores (e.g., and external sources (e.g., social media) to predict the highest-value users and the best ways to target them.

Will consumers trade the keys to the data castle for a $5 gift card?

There’s shift happening in the world of online data collection, meaning consumers might expect to get paid for access to their data rather than always playing the role of uncompensated mark. Done right, it’s a system where both sides of the equation stand to win.