NSA surveillance blowback could hit marketers

The revelation that the NSA piggybacks on commercial cookies to track individuals’ web habits could spread the economic fallout from the spying disclosures much more widely, by drawing attention to the very thin and fuzzy line separating commercial and government surveillance.

What does your ISP say about you?


This is an interesting (and pretty funny) post from MailChimp data scientist John Foreman about analyzing email addresses. For example, Gmail and Hotmail are similar in terms of number and age of users (although possibly for different reasons), as well as preferred browser. AOL and Comcast email users, on the other hand, are older and interested in way different things than Gmail users. Oh, and a surprising number of people still use the AOL browser.

5 companies turning your data into dollars

Big data and the marketing world go together like peanut butter and jelly. Marketers want to present their brands in the most-effective manner possible and always put the right ad in front of the right person. Big data makes that possible at a whole new level.