iDoneThis is betting on batch — not streamed — status updates

iDoneThis is based on a very simple premise: what did you get done today? A web and iPhone app that allows an individual or a team to keep track of progress made.
From my perspective, this is a batch approach to what to me would seem more natural in a stream. For example, if I accomplish a task — like completing a draft of a report — I check that off in a work management app, and my team members are notified immediately. Likewise, their progress is streamed to me as they accomplished things during the day.
However, other might want to defer the sharing, and have it all collated together. So, although it doesn’t match my style I can see how others would rather write up what they’ve done all at once, at the end of the day. But I bet that leads to people forgetting things.
idonethis 1
Here’s the team version of iDoneThis, with a team of two. Note that the team version supports the use of tags, which the personal version doesn’t. Strangely, the personal version supports getting a calendar feed — suitable for calendar subscription — but the team version doesn’t. If I was using this in real life, I’d want all the features.
The team version sends an email, asking each team member to update at a prescribed time. And the results are circulated the next day. Very batch oriented.
I found the interface simple, aside from the poorly written FAQ which lacks images and seems to omit important information. But I don’t understand why anyone would use a tool like this in a business context instead of a task management tool.

Flexible is better: chat, clichés, and cooperation

A recent research study has shown that people using social networks are more productive when they are allowed to choose what sort of communication to use with others. The idea is that we’re increasingly moving to a more fast-and-loose style of work, where people are dreaming up exactly how to get work done.

Producteev launches slew of apps to become Evernote of task management

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