Flexible is better: chat, clichés, and cooperation

A recent research study has shown that people using social networks are more productive when they are allowed to choose what sort of communication to use with others. The idea is that we’re increasingly moving to a more fast-and-loose style of work, where people are dreaming up exactly how to get work done.

6 Task List Hacks to Get More Done

As part of my recent productivity kick I’ve been thinking about to-do lists. Better task management allows us to get more accomplished while not spending too long managing the process. Here are some suggestions to help you focus on completing tasks rather than managing a list.

InsomniMac: What’s Keeping Your Mac Up at Night

I’ve found that while this past year has been great for Apple and Apple users, it hasn’t been so great for my Apple computer. My Mac Pro has been up almost every night this year, and it doesn’t look like it can rest any time soon.

Help Google to Improve Tasks

It looks like Google’s planning some revisions to its simple to-do list management app, Tasks, because the company is asking for feature suggestions. You can submit new feature ideas and vote on the ideas already submitted in an online poll that will run until November 19.

The Pomodoro Technique: A GTD Alternative?

The Pomodoro Technique logoNot a fan of Getting Things Done (GTD)? It might be hard to imagine for some, but it’s not everyone’s favorite productivity methodology. “The Pomodoro Technique” by Francesco Cirillo is another option might be a better fit for your needs. This technique works well for folks who feel anxiety when thinking about the “ticking clock” and deadlines.

The Solution to Anxiety-ridden “Becoming”

The Pomodoro Technique aims to erase the uneasiness that come with “Becoming.” The “Becoming”concept is a tough one to explain. Yet, when you put it to practice, it instantly makes sense. At first, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it, but when I tried out the process, it clicked it. (More on that in a moment.) Read More about The Pomodoro Technique: A GTD Alternative?

WWD Screencast: SimplyGTD

SimplyGTD is a new, extremely simple to-do list/task management web app. I’ve been playing with it today, and thought I would record a quick screencast showing how it works, and in particular how it compares with Google Tasks (s goog), my favorite simple task management app:

In summary, if you’re looking for a very basic, free to-do list app — especially if you’d like to print your to-do lists — then SimplyGTD might be worth checking out, but I think for most people the extra functionality, integration with other apps, and flexibility offered by Google Tasks (which can even be tweaked into a reasonable Getting Things Done app) or Remember the Milk would make them better options.
SimplyGTD’s main selling point is that it is very simple — but is it too simple?

Keeping In Sync

Lots of phonesLike many web workers, one of my challenges is keeping my data in sync between the various devices and apps that I use. I stopped using my Palm (s palm) handheld over a year ago, but I’ve continued to use the Palm Desktop application, because it’s one of the easiest-to-use and most mobile-friendly applications ever, even though I now have a BlackBerry (s rimm). Finding a solution that can keep my data in sync between Palm Desktop, my BlackBerry and the other apps that I use has been difficult.
For a while, I’d sync Outlook (s msft) and Palm Desktop, and then Outlook would update the BlackBerry (I didn’t actually use Outlook at all, it just acted as the middleman). It worked great. But then my dependence on Google Calendar  (s goog) grew, because I could access it from any computer as well as my BlackBerry, and it wouldn’t work with my sync setup. Read More about Keeping In Sync

Productivity Tip: Learn the Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Tasks

Picture 6I really like Google Tasks (s goog). It’s free, easy to use, and well integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar, yet it’s flexible enough that it can be adapted for use as part of a Getting Things Done (GTD) system. Unlike many web apps, it has some very handy keyboard shortcuts built in, which can make it much faster to use and give you a real productivity boost. It’s well worth learning these shortcuts, particularly if you use Tasks a lot: Read More about Productivity Tip: Learn the Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Tasks