Chicago’s Dabble creates a Craigslist for casual learning

Interested in trying your hand at worm composting or grant writing? Ever felt the desire to make your own sausage or kimchi? There’s a good chance someone on startup Dabble’s website is teaching just such a class this month, and for $20 you can sign up.

Eric Schmidt challenges teachers: get with the program

Google chairman Eric Schmidt says that Britain’s schools should focus on teaching kids not to use programs, but to build them — an allegation that increasingly faces Western education. So how do we get better computer teaching? And what happens if we don’t?

Planbook Educational Software

Many schools foot the bill to get good Macs into their teachers’ hands. Mac developers know this and there are many different educational apps that teachers and students can use to make learning better. Pass this review along to your educator friends and let them taste a little bit of the good life.


The tagline for Planbook is “Making one part of your day a little bit easier…” Planbook by Jeff Hellman is a digital planbook, and a little more.
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