Meet the Analyst: Kris Tuttle talks oxymorons and zombies

Each week GigaOM Pro chats with one of our analysts to find out which technologies they read about, write about and can’t live without. This week, we talk to Kris Tuttle, whose research has focused on 3D technology and virtual worlds.

5 Ways Apple’s In-App Purchase Rule Could Come Back to Bite

Cries of antitrust, lock-in and lock-out reverberated through the technology world this week after news of Apple rejecting Sony’s new e-reader application surfaced. The move to require the inclusion of in-ap purchases for those selling content through the App Store will garner Apple more revenue in the near term, but here are five reasons why the folks in Cupertino could eventually regret this move.

Today in Connected Consumer

Macrovision, now known as Rovi, launched today with its new name. The folks from Rovi were in NY to mark the occasion, and also to talk about its new Liquid media guide. I give my take on both the newly relaunched company and Liquid over at NewTeeVee, and will have a research note on the topic later today here at GigaOM Pro. Overall it makes sense to create a new brand identity for a company that many, at least in the technology world, associate with analog copy protection. The Liquid media guide represents, in a sense, the new company, as it combines many of the new technologies the company has acquired over the past two years as it has remade itself.