Why Windows 8 is Microsoft’s most vital launch in years

Years have gone by since Microsoft launched a version of Windows that made the general public stand up and take notice. On Wednesday, the company will allow tech enthusiasts to start poking around Windows 8, a product that could help Microsoft get its groove back.

Google’s Schmidt preaches tech utopia to the choir

Google chairman Eric Schmidt is a passionate advocate for technology, and he laid on the charm in an hour-long appearance at Mobile World Congress that was part Chrome commercial, part techno-utopian vision, and part high-brow version of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything. Here’s what he said.

How Evi spent a weekend in App Store limbo

Every now and again, Apple reminds the mobile world that developing for iOS includes going through the harrowing and sometimes mystifying App Store review process. Evi, a voice-recognition search app, thought it was a goner for coming too close to Siri until Apple changed its mind.

Nokia unveils new Windows Phone, but keeps Symbian afloat

Nokia kicked off its Mobile World Congress festivities with new Lumia Windows Phone devices, but also made sure to highlight new Symbian devices that appeal to lower-cost smartphone markets. China is now also in the company’s short-term plans.

Sprint, MetroPCS were “hours away” from now-dead $8B deal

MetroSprint? MetroPCS came within “hours” of joining forces with Sprint, according to a report, before the deal was killed by Sprint’s board. The $8 billion deal would have seen further consolidation in the wireless industry, but would have been tough sledding.

Will Apple dump the iPhone’s aging 30-pin connector?

The 30-pin dock connector featured on every iPhone and iPad ever sold by Apple, as well as a huge number of iPods, may be headed for history’s dustbin. Apple is reportedly considering a move to a smaller connector on the next iPhone.

Facebook: Social trumps searching for mobile apps

Finding what you want in a sea of mobile applications can be a frustrating and exhausting process. Facebook wants to remind mobile developers that it has a lot of users and that discovering new things is a huge part of the Facebook experience.

Motorola prepares to hail new Google overlords

Meet the new boss, Motorola employees: Google reportedly plans to name Dennis Woodside, a veteran Google sales executive overseeing the merger, as the new CEO, replacing current Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha.

Mobile app companies agree to CA rules on privacy policies

Mobile privacy will still be a murky issue despite a new agreement between the state of California and six leading mobile companies over how best to help app developers comply with a California law requiring them to post a privacy policy.