Turning air into water or making babies, new TechStars think big

There is no shortage of ambition in this class of startups. NDB Nano claims to turn air into water; Ovuline “makes” babies; Careport automates post-hospital care; BetterFit aims to take the trial-and-error out of medications; and Urban Hero has reinvented the spring.

DocTrackr lets you control your documents — wherever they are

DocTrackr’s new “remote document management as a service” will let users control access to their Word, Excel, or PDF files, monitor their use, and even destroy them after they’ve been emailed to others, says Clement Cazalot, company CEO.

Startup Zagster aims to be the Zipcar for bikes

Zagster aims to bring shared bikes to a campus, apartment complex, or hotel near you. The startup (once called CityRyde) just signed Cisco and Hyatt Hotels to install its shared bike service in their locations, CEO Timothy Ericson told attendees of TechStars Boston Demo Day.