How Netflix wants to change television forever

Netflix doesn’t just want to compete with traditional pay TV networks like HBO, Showtime and Starz – it wants to change television forever. The company envisions a future for TV in which old-fashioned things like ratings, schedule and recaps simply don’t matter anymore.

Netflix exec: Canada’s broadband caps “almost a human rights violation”

Low broadband caps in Canada put that country close to third-world countries, and overage charges almost amount to human rights violations: Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos blasted broadband caps and usage-based-billing employed by Canadian ISPs during an investor event Thursday afternoon.

Netflix just became cable’s biggest TV network

Netflix streamed one billion hours to its subscribers in June, according to a note posted today by its CEO Reed Hastings. BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield calculates that this makes it cable’s biggest TV network, with viewers tuning in 80 minutes per day.