Can teen dating network Snog avoid the kiss of death?

When Britain’s teenagers aren’t rioting, they’re spending their time ogling each other on a hot website that’s just scored significant investment from a Canadian web mogul. But can turn itself into something useful — or will it fade into obscurity?

Teens Are Poised to Be the Next Power Data Users

U.S. teenagers have quadrupled their mobile data usage, according to Nielsen, a sign that the traditional power texters are now ready to become serious mobile Internet users. Teens used 62 megabytes in the second quarter of this year, compared to just 14 MB last year.

Karina’s Capsule: Juntoons

Juntoons: the latest entry into the new frontier of semi-surreptitious online movie marketing, or legit fan fiction? Thrillingly weird mashup of sex ed and Adult Swim, or questionable propaganda designed to cover Fox Searchlight’s butt for releasing a film that implicitly condones unsafe teen sex?

I wish I knew the answers to those questions. After watching the eight Juntoons currently online, here’s what I can tell you: They’re a series of animated shorts produced for and distributed solely on YouTube and MySpace, incorporating recognizable characters, themes and narrative strands from the hugely hyped teen sex dramedy Juno. The Juntoons have been released into the world with no visible studio branding or direct link to the movie or distributor’s web site, but they seem way too slick to be the work of an actual fan of the film — especially considering that the movie has been in theaters for less than two weeks, and on less than 50 screens across a handful of cities.

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