Forrester: No, Facebook doesn’t have a “teen problem”

A report released Tuesday by Forrester, which surveyed more than 4,500 people between the ages of 12 and 17, says that Facebook (s fb) doesn’t have the “teen problem” stemming from a study in 2013 that suggested youth were leaving the network in droves. According to the brief, more than three quarters of teens still use Facebook at least once per month — double the usage numbers of Snapchat, Tumblr, or Pinterest — and 28 percent say they use it “all the time.” While the study doesn’t track how teens see the popularity of Facebook among their peers, the usage levels suggest that teens aren’t abandoning it en masse.

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Why I think LinkedIn’s move to woo students is smart

LinkedIn today announced its plans to woo teenagers and get universities to interact with them directly in an effort to recruit future members and become even more central to the huge careers marketplace.

The newest phone app teens will hate but parents will love

With a reported 11 teens killed while texting and driving per day, parents are turning towards apps to limit their kids phone use behind the wheel. SecruaFone offers one for iPhone and Android handsets that diables some features when in motion, but it doesn’t stop there.

What makes Millennials click?

If you want to reach the Millennial generation, it’s probably a good idea to use the Internet. But according to new research from MTV, companies run the risk of alienating their target audience if they go about social media marketing in the wrong way.

Parents Say Social Networks Don’t Protect Childrens’ Privacy

Three out of four parents don’t believe social networks are doing a good enough job of protecting the privacy of their children, according to a new survey. Common Sense Media also found 92 percent of parents are concerned their children share too much information online.

Does Android Have a Target on its Back?

Android is the hot smartphone platform currently, and that means the competition has it squarely in its sites. HTC has been the target for Apple and Microsoft, but Android is the definite victim. The Microsoft agreement HTC signed may have a long-term affect on Android.

Do Teens Really Not Tweet?

twitter-bird1Though Twitter is used by celebrities like Oprah and Ashton Kutcher, a recent analysis by Nielsen concluded it hasn’t yet caught on with the under-25 set, which it found accounts for just 16 percent of Twitter users. But not everyone agrees with the way the findings, gathered under the title “Teens Don’t Tweet; Twitter’s Growth Not Fueled By Youth” are being presented, nor the methodology used to procure them. Read More about Do Teens Really Not Tweet?

Smells Like Teen Media Usage (They Stick With TV)

Nielsen put out its How Teens Use Media report today, which, the research firm says, dispels some myths about the ways teenagers are using media. Bottom line: The kids still love their oldteevee.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, teens are not abandoning TV — in fact, they are watching it more than ever. Nielsen says that television viewing among teens is up 6 percent over the past five years.


In the fourth quarter of 2008, 92 percent of teens viewed live TV, 5 percent DVRs, and 3 percent online video streaming.

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