New ZTE smartphone completes Nvidia’s silicon loop

Nvidia has landed its first deal to provide both mobile connectivity and app processing for a single handset, revealing that ZTE is sourcing both its Tegra 2 and Icera radio chips for its new Mimosa X Android phone. Nvidia isn’t Qualcomm yet, but it’s getting closer.

Acer’s $349 10.1″ Android tablet lands in U.S.

Acer introduced its A200 tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier in January, and unlike many products shown at the event, this one is already available for sale in the U.S. Is it worth the money, considering it uses technology that was available a year ago?

Qualcomm’s S4: One mobile chip to rule all networks

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon S4 chips are expected next year and will be the first to support all of the major 2G, 3G and 4G networks with a single integrated modem. It’s smaller, more powerful and should improve battery life on 4G smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Now playing on more Android devices: Netflix

Netflix certified more Android devices for its software, adding support for a number of handsets and tablets powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processor. That brings the total number of Netflix-capable smartphones and tablets up to 22. Good, because consumers don’t care whose chip powers their device.

Motorola Photon 4G hits Sprint on July 31 for $199

Sprint today introduced the Motorola Photon 4G, the company’s first WiMAX handset with international support, and will launch the smartphone on July 31. Featuring a 960×540 high-resolution display and dual-core Tegra 2 processor, the Android smartphone works across borders, but sadly leaves the 4G behind.

How Zinio’s magazine app for Honeycomb just got better

When it comes to software for reading e-books or magazines, a better visual experience is key. Zinio’s magazine app today improves that experience, but the software itself isn’t the solution. Optimization with capable hardware makes the page turns and text zooming far more fluid than before.

VIDEO: Hands-on With T-Mobile’s Speedy G2x Smartphone

After a few days of using the T-Mobile G2x, I’m generally impressed. It’s the first dual-core handset on T-Mobile and simply flies for most activities. Here’s a video overview of the hardware, along with demos of the browser, 1080p video playback and high-quality gaming.

Video: Here’s How T-Mobile’s New G2X Should Perform

T-Mobile is launching its first dual-core smartphone in the G2X, a 4G-capable Android 2.2 handset. I took an early video look at the graphical prowess of this LG-build phone back in January, and you can see the benefits such a chip brings to the smartphone.

Video: LG Optimus 2X Powered Up With Nvidia’s Tegra 2

Nvidia’s CES press event is underway, and while much of the Tegra 2 news is similar to that of last year’s show, there’s one huge difference: Many mobile products are using Nvidia’s chip. Today, LG officially adds the Optimus 2X handset running Google Android.

Nvidia’s Biggest, Best Chance in Mobiles Is Now

After trying get its chips in mobile devices for some time, Nvidia appears to be on the verge of success in both the hot smartphone and tablet markets; its capable Tegra 2 chip will reportedly power the LG Star smartphone and Motorola’s anticipated Motopad tablet.