A database to help the military share its airwaves

The spectrum shortage, backed by scary stats from Cisco, is the rationale for a $39-billion merger the Justice Department is currently fighting. The running narrative is we want to use a ton of data but our airwaves can’t handle it. But what if we shared?

FCC set to trial first database for Super Wi-Fi

Call it what you want, but Super Wi-Fi or white spaces broadband just got a big win today when the FCC approved the first trial using the radio and database needed to deliver the broadband service. the test brings us one step closer to better broadband.

Ericsson buys Telcordia for $1.15B

Ericsson, the Swedish networking equipment maker, is buying Piscataway, N.J.-based telecom software provider Telcordia for $1.15 billion, the company announced this morning. Telcordia, which can trace it roots back to the old AT&T makes software for billing and operation support.