How AT&T can catch Amazon Web Services

AT&T has thrown its hat in the OpenStack ring, announcing this week that its “developer cloud” will run on the open-source community platform. In this one press release, the telecom giant has already shared more about its cloud infrastructure operation than Amazon Web Services has done in over five years of operation (I’m exaggerating, but not much). If AT&T executes on building out its OpenStack cloud globally, openness and transparency will be a key measure of how it catches Amazon.

Today in Mobile

A half-dozen companies including Apple, Microsoft and RIM have devoured the last remnant of Nortel, shelling out a combined $4.5 billion for thousands of patents and patent applications from the former telecom giant. Google had bid $900 million for the portfolio but backed down when the stakes got high. That surprised some experts who said the patents could have helped Google defend Android against the dozens of patent-infringement suits that surround its mobile operating system. Only time will tell whether Google’s decision to keep its checkbook in its pocket was a good one.