Silence means a new gadget is in da house

Jk_icon_100pix_2I have been a bit silent the past two days but it’s for a good cause.  I am evaluating a gadget that you want to hear about, believe me, but due to an NDA I can’t tell you what it is yet.  No, not even if you beg or guess will I admit what it is because then the OEM can shoot me for breaking the agreement.  You’ll appreciate the wait, though, that I can assure you.

Podbridge Gets Yahoo Talent Infusion

Podbridge, a podcast advertising startup, said today it has hired two former Yahoo (YHOO) digital media executives to help scale its business. Brian Steel, who until 2006 was president of Yahoo’s international search marketing and is a board member at fellow Web startups Pandora Media, Krugle, and MeeVee as well as an angel investor in Powerset, has been named Podbridge CEO. Founding CEO Murgesh Navar will stay on as chief strategy officer; he will also continue to serve on the company’s board.

The company also brought in Jeff Karnes, most recently director for multimedia search and products at Yahoo. Karnes will lead Podbridge’s marketing and product efforts.

Podbridge back in April raised $8.5 million from Sutter Hill Ventures, Mayfield Fund, and Worldview Technology Partners, bringing its total funding to about $18.5 million. We had previously been skeptical of the company for requiring podcast listeners to download an app that tracks their listening habits. That solution might produce more accurate metrics, but it’s a bit clunky.

Coincidentally, Steel is not the only recent outside CEO hire in this space. Look for more coverage later this week.

Skitch Updated, Now in Semi-Public Beta

UPDATE: Alright, NOW you can sign up on for an opportunity to get into the Skitch Beta program.

UPDATE: I guess in my excitement, I jumped the gun a tad:My apologies! The update and goodness I wrote below is – at the moment – intended for the private beta users only. But hang tight, as a little birdie has told me that good news on a more widespread basis is not far off…

skitch updated
One of my recently most favorite things, Skitch, received an update today. There are some interface enhancements and a new application icon. I’ve just begun playing with it, but as I’ve mentioned before, it’s nearly perfect, so I don’t expect the updates to be glaring.

The bigger news is that Skitch is soon to be in Public Beta, but until then, will be in Semi-Public Beta, meaning current users will have the ability to pass out the love. I haven’t seen this on my end just yet, but that’s the news from Colin Devroe, so I’m waiting patiently…

Check out the website in the meantime for an updated video demonstration of Skitch.

Port Blocking is a big issue

Port Blocking, while not something that is part of popular lexicon, is quickly becoming a VoIP nightmare. Earlier one had found that AT&T CallVantage users were having problems hooking-up with those using Adelphia and Frontier networks. Now there is word, that OOL, Telus are having problems connecting as well. According to Broadband Reports,Cablevision’s Optimum On-line service is blocking outbound port 25 TCP traffic; an anti-spam tactic that is growing increasingly common. This is a problem for VoIP service providers. Try explaining this to Joe Six Pack. Andy has been all over this story,