One group that really gets remote work? Vacationing small business owners

Vacation season is in full swing, but small business owners continue to be besieged, as ever, with a tidal wave of responsibilities. The collision of these two realities could equal frustration, but according to a new survey, there’s actually a happier result– more remote work.

The secret ingredient for successful cross-cultural communication

High-tech tools and innovative management practices to ease coordination hassles may have their role in leading cross-cultural teams, but according to one expert on communicating with folks from different backgrounds, the real key to success is simpler and rarer.

Women can have it all… if we get rid of “time macho”

An article on women and work-life balance is stirring a predictable flurry of debate on the internet, but the piece is worth reading for those interested in remote collaboration as well as gender issues for what it says about “time macho” work culture and telecommuting.

Needle weaves fans, customers and companies together

Companies and employees are finding unique ways to work in a world supported by mobile Internet access. We’re seeing growth in coworking, and telecommuting in general, and Needle is a great example just how far you can push these ideas.

Remote work study: Distance makes the heart grow fonder

A new study explodes conventional wisdom that telecommuters feel less close to their teams than co-located employees and also reveals that more communication often leads to greater stress for remote workers. Should managers of dispersed teams consider rethinking how often they communicate with distant employees?

What professions are going remote the fastest?

A new report from the Conferences Board reveals that while professions traditionally associated with remote work like writing and sales continue to have the highest rates of telecommuting, other less expected job categories are making huge gains. What are they?

No telecommuting, please! We’re signaling

The case for telecommuting is solid and gets more so with each new study. But despite this mounting pile of evidence, the number of actual telecommuters hasn’t exactly skyrocketed. Why? Economist Bryan Caplan points to a paper that blames signaling.

Surviving a dual remote worker marriage

First-person accounts from couples that both work from home illustrate that the experience can be fraught, with one partner sometimes imposing on the other. But the arrangement works well for some. What are the secrets of these happy home working couples?