FCC working with startups, researchers to accelerate mHealth

Trying to give the still nascent mHealth sector a motivational kick in the pants, the Federal Communications Commission has begun working directly with startups and universities to help bring new wireless telemedicine and healthcare technologies to market faster.

Qualcomm, Verizon promote healthier living without wires

Qualcomm and Verizon are both proposing to trick out healthcare with some wireless connectivity. Qualcomm launched its new 2net cloud and mobile biometric information monitoring and sharing platform, while Verizon is developing mobile video communications technologies that could enable the virtual house call.

AT&T’s Digital Life could be its entre into the retail smart grid

AT&T is launching yet another new business division, this one called Digital Life Services. The operator hasn’t revealed many details about the new unit, but from the sound of it, this may be AT&T’s attempt to tackle the smart grid, targeting consumers and businesses directly.