Telenav acquires NY TechStars grad ThinkNear for $22.5M

TechStars New York grad ThinkNear began life as a yield management tool but turned into a hyperlocal ad company, helping advertisers precisely target consumers. Now, it’s being acquired by navigation provider Telenav for $22.5 million.

Is Geo-Local the Answer to the Local Advertising Quandary?

Local advertising is web’s ultimate chimera, but things can be different when you combine geo-location with an offer-based, needs-based advertising system. A slew of companies — TeleNav and Poynt being the latest — are trying to capture the billions of dollars that come with “foot streams.”

Running Late? OnMyWay Sends Alerts For You

Navigation service TeleNav has introduced the OnMyWay app today for the iPhone and Android platforms. OnMyWay sends email alerts notifying folks when you are getting close to arriving for a meeting. More importantly, the app will automatically send alerts when you are running late.

1 in 4 Adults Admit to Texting While Driving

A recent survey of drivers show that gender doesn’t affect one very dangerous statistic, as nearly 25 percent of both men and women admit to texting while driving. That’s an alarming statistic in light of a recent test that shows texting impairs driving more than drinking.