4K as a platform

The major networks’ hesitance on 4K has left the door open for OTT providers to expand their beachheads on connected devices, and cement their relationships with TV-makers desperate to avoid being consigned to selling commoditized “dumb” displays.

Getting the world to come to Google

The more consumers rely on touch-enabled, personal devices to find and access content for their TV, the more appealing the link between personal devices and the TV will be to marketers.

Which way OTA?

The market portrayed in the GfK report is a lot more dynamic than the FCC’s portrayal, with over-the-air broadcast rapidly becoming a bigger and more important component of the TV distribution system.

Shotgun wedding on the set-top

As viewers rely on a growing number of screens and devices for consuming video, the source of the programming becomes ever-less relevant to the experience of watching it, particularly as OTT services like Netflix become a more important source of original programming.

Apple settles into the set-top

The swapped-out Apple TV components suggest Apple expects to be cranking out more or less the same set-top box for some time yet. The new components consist of chips it is already buying in bulk for other products. It’s a cost-savings move, in other words, aimed at making the manufacturing and supply chain of the current Apple TV set-top a little more efficient.

Analyst talks three possible routes for future Apple TV

A dedicated Apple TV set was a hot topic at the end of 2011. So far in 2012, news on that front has been relatively quiet, but a new note by longtime Apple TV set booster and Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is reigniting the discussion.

Why Apple TV is finally starting to matter

The Apple TV sold 1.4 million units during the holiday quarter, about half of what Apple sold in the entire year prior. While it’s far from a mass-market device, its sales numbers show that even in a relatively small market, Apple dominates the competition.

Analyst: Device and content choice key to Apple iTV success

As the rumor mill around the Apple smart television set kicks into overdrive, it only makes sense for analysts to chime in. Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee added his thoughts in a note to clients issued Wednesday. Wu thinks content and hardware choice are key.