Aereo: Round 2

Aereo is back in court with a brand new legal theory for why it should be allowed to continue to operate. If it prevails, the implications could be nearly as far-reaching as if it had won in the Supreme Court.

NAB preview: The taming of over-the-top

Amazon’s FireTV unveiling comes on the eve of the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention in Las Vegas, where one of the main focuses will be on making traditional TV platforms look and feel more like watching over-the-top video.

Securing control of the set-top box

The video industry has begun to move — haltingly but nonetheless — toward greater integration of linear and OTT services. How that integration happens, however, and on whose platform, and through whose UI, are no small questions.

Dish Hops over the top

Dish Network’s linear streaming deal with Disney won’t be the last of its kind. But don’t expect the floodgates to be thrown open generally just yet, either.