Sling, TiVo and the problem with TV Everywhere

Sling rolled out a number of new features to its retail customers Monday — but how will the company’s technology fare once it’s adopted by cable operators with their convoluted TV Everywhere rules?

Netflix revives The Killing for a short final season

Much like detective Linden, Netflix (s NFLX) just can’t let go: The streaming service just revealed that it has renewed crime drama The Killing for a final, six-episode fourth season. This is actually the second time for Netflix to save The Killing: AMC canceled the show after season two in 2012, but Netflix stepped in and partnered with the network for a third season that didn’t get any better ratings, prompting AMC once again to axe the show this year. However, all three seasons remain available on Netflix, where they have apparently performing well enough to warrant the investment. There’s no word yet on when the fourth season will come to Netflix, but it will once again be released in bulk, and available to all Netflix subscribers worldwide.

Binge-watching is for kids, too

Everyone is well aware of how much late-night binge-watching has affected our television viewing habits, but Brian Stelter is pointing out in the New York Times that it’s popular for kids, too. Disney is capitalizing on the binge-watching trend by releasing some series early before they hit live TV, a possible boon for kid loyalty in the digital era. What’s more, kids often watch the same one episode over and over. Is it true? Just ask my three-year-old niece: she has demanded to watch the Alice in Wonderland episode of PBS show Super Why every day for the past two weeks.